Monday, March 06, 2006

Life's a dream or live your dreams


Yeah, got a few comments on the blogsite and on the topics that was written. I actually wanted to blog every other day but missed it yesterday, so here's the replacement. What I found amazing was that when I published the blog, within minutes if not seconds, it appeared on the web clips of my Google Desktop. I wondered if it was only my desktop but someone from class of '60 got wind of it, made a comment to visit his blog and link our blog to his. Even our "alley oop" (a blogger), made a comment and it showed this thing really goes to world wide web in real time! Such power of technology that we have now is the dream of yesteryears.

Next, nazi found a website belonging to the late Kasim Junit and forwarded it to us. Thanks. The site talks about his dreams amongst others but the premature (or is it predestined) death in less than a year (after the dream was conceived) put an end to it all. That really put a perspective on life and dreams, at least for me, on where or when one stops or begins another. But then, it's a question of intention and one will be rewarded for starting it and leave the end to the Almighty.

So, is our life a dream or do we live our dreams; is up to us to answer and realise it. After all, getting bullied by seniors on our very first day of registration is a dream now (not a nightmare huh, mas & nyff) and getting to bully seniors in the corporate and business world is an option now (if you have the clout). However, you may want to check out Kasim Junit's website on options to make your life a dream instead, as I did but prefer for now, to stick to my current activity. Of course, you'll get to know when my dreams come to true and I am living my dreams (God willing), in the coming pages of this blog and in real time! See you then...


P/s: I've made changes to the blog and have added the prayer time for KL (at bottom of page), so when in KL, you can use this site to check it out. Also, I intend to put old photos instead, so if you've got any worth putting up, just email me.

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