Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Start of MCV75 Blog - March 0n!!!

Salamun'alaikum or Peace be upon you all,

If i remember correctly, we first stepped foot in Malay College in March 1974 though the exact date escaped me. If anyone can correct that, we can have that date on record as the day our lives and times are intertwined.

In view of changes in technology and to keep up with the times, made me as of today, 1st March 2006, start this web-log or blog for short, for members of MCV75 to share what is left of their lives and times and to preserve memories of old times for posterity, hence the name of this blog.

I welcome you all to this new mode of communication and we just might as well shutdown our e-group list in favour of this. This may end past episodes of malicious postings and compromised systems.

We can link with other related blogsites so as to enrich the experience - so, start your posts now!


P/s: For a start, suggestions and recommendations from members on the form and format of this blog are welcome and we'll take from there as i believe this medium is more dynamic. March On!!!


amali1999 said...

Congratulations on starting your own blog. Initially, I thought I had bumped into my own,, as it had the same design.


amyza133 said...

2nd February 1974 was the day the ist batch of fourth formers '74 stepped foot onto MCKK. Those from KL may distinctly remember the day as it was a day after KL was declared as Federal Territory...... ask them