Friday, March 03, 2006

Our first day in MCKK or just another day in passing


Looks like a slow start to this blog thing. I have sent out invitations to members to become contributors but only two have responded and one registered. Guessed the rest are blur about this or just don't have the time or inclination for this frivolity but i'll march on.

So far no one has responded on the exact date of the day we first set foot in MCKK. Hmm, docs nazi and adris, i'm sure you guys have got great memories, that's why you got to be doctors in the first place - just kidding. I'm sure someone has record of the date but needs to be coaxed to respond.

Anyway, moving on with the new hijrah year, let me share on why i'm motivated to setup this blog. Two days ago, I was checking my mail and browsing blogs and saw the message about Kasim Junit, our senior, being in coma due to serious brain haemorrhage on 28th February. Members of his batch were communicating his status updates through their blogsite. I spotted his own posting dated 15th February, that "BRU is still alive and kicking..." and by 2nd March he has passed away.

So guys, life is short and precious and one could be alive and kicking one day but two weeks or two days later transitioned to the other world. As he is only one year older than us and some of our batchmates are in that age too, shouldn't we be looking to ourselves and wondering who's next? Alfatihah to allahyarham Kasim Junit, may his soul be blessed.

P/s: Anyone has recollection of how he was in college? I'm totally blank here as he could be one of the quiet ones who didn't bother us that time and all I was told he was a short, fair guy from Kuantan.


Anonymous said...

read our blog at,

Gukita said...

Good start. Why not send a story and we'll comment and add...interesting that way..