Saturday, April 08, 2006

Life in passing or passed lifes


Suddenly this blog is more than a month old. How time really flies when you're having fun and time is a drag when you're having challenges. So much so i was not able to keep my resolution of having blog posts every other day or so. Not even every other week now, so perhaps every other month will do. Sorry folks but it's hard to be a one-man editor on this blogsite. i have been kept busy by one thing or another such as ...

The previous weekend i spent some time in my rural birthplace visiting my ailing grandma. Although a lot has changed on the surface but in substance much remains the same. Watching the mists rolling in the valley fronting her house and on the riverbank brought realisation of relentless change all around and we become the silent observers. A frail old lady lying on tattered straw mat, a few years short of a century in life, has made the call to descendants to meet before her final departure. Losing hope but not senses, only a flicker of life remains that has yet to pass. One goes at the end of one's time and that is life, in short.

This weekend i attended the wedding of the wife's cousin in an upmarket, city suburb. A standard, modern reception at a relative's residence for quick and convenient reception of guests, local and out of town. Guests come and go at their own time until the final hour and we were among the late comers. Privilege being, having our meal with the bride and groom as they joined our table for their long awaited meal. The bride (wife's cousin) is a year short of half century and the groom well past his half century, make a joyous splendour of a new life starting together. Wish them well on their matrimonial journey starting with a honeymoon in a 5-star chain hotel.

A life can be at the end or starting anew. Where we are, is half as important as what we do with it. The river of life flows taking all in it, as bystanders or active participants immaterial. However, what end it brings depends on the choices we make or fail to make today. We hope the life that has passed will add to the life to come and enriching us in every way. So, that's life in passing or has passed as the case may be.


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