Saturday, July 15, 2006

Syed Azmi is back in town

Dear all,

Woke up late one saturday morning and upon checking my email
found lots of mcv75 messages in my yahoo inbox. Wow! mcv75
members getting active again following long slumber during the
world cup. And interesting talk on world cup, gay marriage, biz
and the old standby of religious sermons.

Anyway, i would to remind members of our coming shotgun
reunion next saturday, 22nd July. Those who have the intention
and able to come, please confirm your attendangce with me or Salim
so that we can do a proper headcount for logistical purposes.

Which brings me to the topic of my mail ie about Syed Azmi a.k.a.
"playboy". He's back in town for his once-in-a-decade or so "balik
kampung" routine and will attend our reunion dinner. It seems he's
on a return trip to visit one of his sons working in Subang Jaya.

So, those who want to catch up with our celebrity "atomicman", don't miss this coming reunion dinner, hehehe... I guess you can talk biz, physics,
football, religion, the good ole days or whatever with him.

Anyway, for those who can't or unable to make it for the dinner can still
talk to him in private (hmmm, no gay talk, okay). How? I'll give you his
temporary mobile no. (valid until August 4th) for you to say hello. The
number to call is: 017-607 4859. Rest assured the number is valid and
genuine as i just spoke to him this morning to confirm his attendance at
the reunion do.

That's all folks for this glorious but otherwise dull saturday morning here
in KL. Catch up with you next saturday in Shah Alam, okay.


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Stone... plz, blue fonts on a green backdrop.....? My poor eyes have gone bonkers.