Saturday, August 02, 2008

Syed Azmi is back in town again!

Well, it's the time of year again when our 4-seasons dwellers return to their kampungs for the relative warm and sunshine of their hometowns. Welcome back!

Last I heard, Syed Azmi indicated that he would be back for his annual holidays here in KL. So, I hope he can contact any of us for a mini-reunion now that the grand reunion is not anywhere on the radar screen yet.

Also, our veritable trade envoy to Taiwan, Mr WAG was spotted at Chan's daughter wedding on 26th July with his charming spouse. In all, we had a mini-reunion of sorts at the weddings of the sons and daughters of MCV75 throughout this year. Something to be proud of or a reminder of the times that had gone by - we're all (most of us anyway) celebrating our golden anniversary this year (2008).

Another wedding on the horizon is the wedding of Manan's daughter on 16th August in Kota Bharu. The wedding card and map have been posted to group list. Hope to see those who can make it there.

Guess that's my rambling for now as lunch is approaching and I'm starving on this hot Saturday afternoon. Bon apppetit for you too!

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